Wednesday, 23 January 2019

Another highly successful season with clients from all over the globe who travelled to hunt the elusive sika in ire with our irishsafaris team. With huge support from Harkila and Zeiss, the season was our best one yet with quality clothing and optics to assist in every hunt..

Sunday, 13 May 2018

Rainsford Pro team hunts

After Christmas and December we were into the hind only season and this is always as exciting and just as serious to my clients who want to enjoy a few days assisting in the hind cull on my grounds. At Rainsford hunting we have a specialist team of pro hunters ranging from free lance journalists to very strong pro ambassadors of hunting products who are very active on social media. I had three different pro team members visiting me and my guides so the excitement was at an all time high in anticipation for these hunters to arrive
Siv Karin Ravndal, the Norwegian Huntress was first up and what a hunt we had along with her partner. This girl stalked our sika on the wicklow hills like it was second nature to her and her shooting skills were simply amazing as was her ability to stalk within admirable range without being seen or heard. Between the Norwegian huntress and her partner whom we kindly nicknamed Cobra😀, they totalled 8 Sika over 3 days.
Frederick Behrens from Denmark of the Instagram duo JAGDBRODER was next up. Frederick is also an ambassador for Harkila and he was very keen to shoot some sika in Ireland.. With every client the mood and atmosphere is always different and always in a positive sense and this time it was no different either. We had so much fun with Frederick and his camera man and in the end he totalled 4 sika and a fox. Last but no least we had the well known Jens ulrick Hógh from Sweden. Renowned journalist and hunting extroardainer, Jens was been accompanied by the FIELD SPORTS BRITAIN camera crew to record the first hunt in Ireland for their show. It went well and according to plan almost except for a slight gun malfunction and a wounded deer but thankfully we had my tracking dog at hand to locate the hind and it all ended well..
The season was pretty much wrapped up at this stage and over a few pints of Guinness we sat back and reminisced on the success of another season at Irishsafaris

Sunday, 7 January 2018

December 2017 stalking

December was a very successful and enjoyable month for our clients and the IRISHSAFARIS team. With over 20 visiting hunters and also two film companies, with Harkila who were making a new promotional video ,

and also Wir Jagen from Germany.
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Tuesday, 12 December 2017

Stalking with Alexandra Hellstrom.

Sunday, 12 November 2017

September/October/November 2017

So it's been a hectic few months with clients in pursuit of the elusive sika stags here in Ireland. The weather has played havoc with the rut resulting in very little activity from the stags but we worked hard and still managed to keep every client happy. The hind season has now begun and with just over 3 months to go it will be testing on everyone.

Sika Hunting

Sika Hunting